Press Releases

February 08, 2017

Activities undertaken on the 8 of February of 2017

The National Bank of Angola, constituted, for the first time, its Consultative Council, an extended advisory board of the Board of Directors, under the Law 16/10 of 15 of July, Law of the National Bank of Angola.

The Consultative Council is composed of the Vice-Governors, Administrators, Directors of BNA and Central Bank Delegates in the Provinces of Malanje, Huambo, Cabinda, Benguela and Huíla, and also integrates former governors, former vice-governors, economists, university lecturers, analysts and heads of entrepreneur associations.

The presentation and the analysis of the Angolan Financial System Adequacy Plan for Prudential Standards, was one of the points of the agenda of the first meeting of the BNA Consultative Council, which dealt with subjects related to the maintenance of the level of availability and allocation of foreign currency to commercial banks , the continuity of the level of imports to the country, the control of inflation and the analysis of the best management strategies of the Net International Reserves (NIR), considering the need to increase national production as a determining factor.

On that day, other activities of major relevance were held at the headquarters of the BNA, with special emphasis on the launching ceremony of the series of commemorative stamps alluding to the 40th anniversary of the issuance of Kwanza, an event highlighted by the presence of the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Eng. José Carvalho da Rocha, activity conducted in close coordination with the Post Office of Angola, whose exhibition is at the Currency Museum.

Similarly, a working meeting was held with the presidents of the Boards of Directors and chairmen of the Executive Committees of the commercial banks, which has a bimonthly periodicity, in the course of which the Monetary and Exchange Policy Plan was discussed, the reflection on the Microcredit to families and on financial stability.